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 Relic Lotting Rules

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PostSubject: Relic Lotting Rules   Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:34 am

Lotting Order
Main Lot > Retrial Member > 75 > Trial Member > 70 - 35 > Free Lot

Main Lot

Each member of Ultimate gets one main lot at a time. When a piece of relic matching your main lot drops, you, along with any other main lotters on that job, will be given first priority in lotting. Take care in choosing your main lot as you will be unable to change it until one of three events occur:

  • You obtain all 5 pieces of your main gear
  • July 1 or January 1 rolls around, you have been with Ultimate for at least 6 months and you still have not completed your main relic set, but would like to change mains
  • A job that was closed when you chose your main, but were on the waiting list, opens and you are next in-line on the waiting list. (More on waiting lists below)

One note on main lots. Your main lot works for dreamland accessories and +1 gear as well. When you complete 5/5 on your NQ main, you are welcome to keep the same main lot to have first priority for accessories and +1 gear. You will be free to change your main lot anytime after you have completed 5/5 on NQ, regardless of where you stand on dreamland-specific drops.

A final note on main lots. Effective August 1, 2009, any member joining Ultimate will require a trial member phase before being able to lot with the other main lotters. This category is discussed below under "Trial Member".

Retrial Member

Anytime an Ultimate member changes main lots, regardless which of the three methods prompted the change, they enter a "retrial" state. This state lasts as long as normal trial members (listed below). While in Retrial state, a member cannot lot with the other main lotters, but will be give lotting preferences before the 75s and the other trial members.

Trial Member

Effective August 1, 2009 any member joining Ultimate will be "on trial". This serves a few purposes. This helps out the current members who have proven their commitment to the linkshell have the first crack at relic they have been working on. Also, having to wait the trial period, helps us ensure new members are in it for the "long run" and aren't simply looking for something to do for a couple runs or weeks.

A trial member sheds their trial status in every Dynamis zone, excluding northlands, after attending runs in any two areas. To pass Dynamis-Beaucedine TM status, the member is required to first attend two Dynamis-Beaucedine runs. Similarily, to pass Dynamis-Xarcabard status, the member is required to first attend two Dynamis-Xarcabard runs.

Level Group

If no mains or retrial member mains need the relic that drops, lotting is open to anyone who is level 75 at the job of the dropped relic. This includes regular members, and Trial members.

If there are still no lots, the level required to lot will be decreased by 5. For example, after there are no 75s to lot, it will be called for anyone who is 70+ to lot. This will continue down to level 30, at which time, the item will be called for free-lot.

One note on this category. Rarely Ultimate will sometimes allow members with "retired" jobs to participate in Dynamis. If you were recruited with the option of calling one of your jobs "retired" and wish to never bring that job to Dynamis, we will consider that job to be level 1. Therefore, you will not be able to lot relic gear for that job - unless it drops to Free Lot (below). We encourage UltimateDynamis members to be flexible enough to rid the notion of "retired" jobs for the better of the team.

However, if you were accepted to Ultimate as a set of certain jobs and later decide you no longer wish to come to Dynamis on all of those jobs, there is no guarantee we will allow you to wave that role at the cost of lotting. Often members are recruited to fill specific roles (we need more BLMs or tanks for example) and if those members decide they only wish to come on other jobs, we will have reevalutate if we still have a spot for the new role.

Free Lot

By the rules, any item that gets down to free-lot may be lotted by any member of Ultimate. We do encourage you to only lot if you have strong intentions to level the job in question in the near future.

Waiting Lists

It is no secret some jobs have more sought-after relic than others. To make matters worse, these jobs seem to have harder drop rates. A maximum of 5 main lotters for any job is enforced with Ultimate. If your top job choice is currently closed, you will be allowed to carry on with Ultimate with a different main, while waiting for the job to re-open. This will be queued for fairness. When a member of a currently full job either completes their NQ set (5/5), changes main lots via a different method (as listed above) or leaves Ultimate altogether that spot will open. The longest waiting member for that job will be given priority to switch mains.

A final note on waiting lists. As mentioned above, only 5 members will be allowed to main lot any one job. If however, there is a wiating list, one of the members completes their NQ set, but does not wish to change mains (because they want dreamland pieces), one on the waiting list can switch to that main - but that main will only apply to NQ pieces. If one decides to do this they forfeit main-lotting (for any job) on dreamland pieces until that last spot offically opens up.

Mutliple Characters

Sometimes players choose to play multiple characters. Please ask before coming to a Dynamis as a character other than your usual main. If there is a valid reason to come on a different character for a run permission will be granted, but note that you will not be able to lot relic gear on that character. If you are interested in a permament transfer, we will try to work with you on the change.
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Relic Lotting Rules
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