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 Please read before posting an application

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Please read before posting an application Empty
PostSubject: Please read before posting an application   Please read before posting an application Icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 8:49 am

Thank you for your interest in Ultimate dynamis. We are a relatively new Dynamis linkshell, built on the back of a very long-running and successful Dynamis shell. We believe Ultimate offers more to its members than most other Dynamis shells, because, unlike many (and believe me, there are many) of the other Dynamis shells, we exist for our members, not our leaders or a select few. With rising currency prices and Dynamis crafting drops, along with the new, cheaper Timeless Hourglasses, we wish to share those benefits with our members in the form of free Dynamis runs (100%), linkshell paychecks and the occassional free -1 upgrades.

However, paychecks and free -1 upgrades should be seen only as bonuses. Our main goal in Dynamis will always be achieving relic gear for our members and to assist those undertaking stage 5 relic weapons. Paychecks will be handed out, based on attendance, only when the linkshell bank has accumulated enough funds that it makes sense to do so.

It is highly encouraged you read over our Relic Lotting Rules before you post an application to Ultimate. Upon applying to Ultimate we will have assumed you have done so and agree to our lotting rules. We are a non-point based system, but that does not mean attendance is optional. All members are required to be at Dynamis runs. If you are unable to do so, it is up to you to post on this site at least 24 hours before the run. Obviously, real-life will inteferre from time to time, so, if you are unable to attend or post an absence because of real-life, contact Vawn, Yobun or Quetzal as soon as you are back in-game and we will work with you on a case-by-case basis.

Certain jobs are often more sought-after for Dynamis linkshells. These include BLM, WHM, PLD, BRD, RDM, NIN and others. If you have these jobs leveled your chances to be accepted to Ultimate are higher. At the same time, we realize often players have many jobs leveled and do not wish to always come on to Dynamis on specific jobs. We try to be fair in this regard. If you have jobs that are 75, but you don't wish to bring to Dynamis or they are "retired" you may or may not be accepted to the linkshell. If you are accepted with the understanding that you will not be attending runs on your retired jobs, we will treat those jobs as if they are level 1. In other words, you will not be able to lot relic gear for jobs in which you refuse to bring to Dynamis until they drop to free lot, regardless of their actual level. We encourage our members to be flexible. For example, Yobun (SH) and Nastykillah both have 16 (soon to be 20) level 75 jobs and I have 20, but between all of us, we do not have one which is "retired".

Again, thank you for your consideration in making Ultimate your permament Dynamis shell. We are always looking for quality and loyal players to become a part of our team and hope you will agree we offer a friendly environment with fair rules to make the journey of achieving relic gear an enjoyable one.
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Please read before posting an application
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