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About Us

Ultimate is a linkshell of players that genuinely enjoy playing together. We were formed as a means of keeping FFXI players from the linkshell TheUltimates doing dynamis together after that linkshell came to an end.


TheUltimates had a long and successful run. To be honest, it is not my place to tell the complete history of this linkshell, as I personally spent only about one year of the linkshell's five plus year run. What I can tell you is that my time with TU was enjoyable enough that - along with other previous TU members, Quetzal and Yobun - we felt the stong desire to create Ultimate as a means of keeping its members doing Dynamis together.

I do feel the need to mention, that while this linkshell was created because of TheUltimates, we are not TheUltimates. We have started as a combination of TU players and non-TU players. Many of our rules stemmed from TU rules and updated to fit the needs of the new linkshell. We chose our name, Ultimate, as a sign of respect to TheUltimates.

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Free Runs / Paychecks / Free -1 Upgrades

There was a time when a Dynamis linkshell that paid for the runs for its members was a big deal. Today, it would be hard to find a shell that required its members to pay for the hourglasses. Ultimate is no different in this regard, but with the amount of "profit" to be had in Dynamis, we strive to offer a little more than just free runs.

We believe we offer a better Dynamis end-game environment than most other Lakshmi Dynamis shells. It is no secret that after the reduction of Timeless Hourglasses from 1,000,000 gil to 500,000 gil, Dynamis shells have been popping up left and right. Despite this, currency prices have only continued to rise. This is due, in part, to the fact many of these shells were created as a means for their leader(s) to use the shell to unlock weapons and/or become "rich".

We disagree with this outlook and believe Dynamis shells belong to all its members, new and old, leaders, sack holders and everyone else. Therefore, we will split the profits among all of our members through paychecks and sometimes free currency for -1 upgrades. It needs to be stated, that while we offer paychecks from extra income from time to time, this should be seen only as a bonus. The main reason we are here (besides having fun) is to obtain relic gear for our members.

We discourage anyone to consider joining Ultimate as a means to acquire gil. There is no guarantee that this will continue to be significant enough to be a player's income. Again, we are here, first for relic gear. Some of the most sought-after, hard-to-obtain gear comes from northlands and dreamlands. These zones usually drop less currency and less craftables that can be sold for the LS funds.


From what you just read, it might be surprising to hear that Ultimate does allow sponsoring. We have a different system than the traditional "sponsor-takes-all" system. In Ultimate, the sponsor is limited to a maximum of 200 singles and 1 100 per sponsored run. We believe, this is more than fair given the value of currency and the reduced price of hourglasses. The extra currency will be sold to help pay for non-sponsored hourglasses, paychecks and -1 upgrades.

Please refer to "Ultimate Sponsoring" under the rules forum for more information on sponsoring.


This will sound corny as hell but,

Having fun doing end-game activities with other players we enjoy being around while obtaining relic gear is the "Ultimate goal".

It is expected that our members will take satisfaction in helping others achieve their dynamis goals, as they do their own. If you can't handle losing a lot on a RDM hat to another RDM main, please do not apply to Ultimate. It is our goal to help all of our members achieve the goals they wish to accomplish in Dynamis. Often, achieveing these goals can be a long process and honestly would not be worth it if we aren't all having fun in the process.
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Ultimate Dynamis
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