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 Cptpanic's application

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Cptpanic's application Empty
PostSubject: Cptpanic's application   Cptpanic's application Icon_minitimeSat Jan 16, 2010 10:07 pm

1. List your name exactly as it appears in-game

2. List all 75 jobs you have

3. Are you willing/able to bring each of those jobs to Dynamis? If not, please state which you cannot and why (e.g. no gear)

4. Our runs start at 8:30pm EST on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Dynamis typically lasts two to three and half hours. Would you be able to attend both of these times. (If able to attend only one, please indicated which one)
I'm able to do both times, although, I work a lot and I work early. Wednesday nights are pushing it. Most likely I will show up on Wednesdays but if I feel like I need the sleep, I'm going to get it.

5. What job do you wish to main lot? (Please note that some jobs may be closed at this time)

6. Do you have access to Dynamis Beaucedine? (Jeuno, Windurst, San d'Oria and Bastok flags)
No, I need Bastok and Windurst flags.

7. Do you have access to Dynamis-Xarcabard? (Beaucedine flag)

8. Do you have access to Dreamland Dynamis ?(i.e. past CoP mission 3-5, Darkness Named - the Diabolos fight)

9. List other dynamis shells you were a member of and (estimated) for how long
I don't remember the names. Long time ago. I was in one with Lizdayne about 2 years ago that did pretty well. (Lostninjas, did a little research) I did a few runs with them. Got deployed and quit the game for over a year. When I got back I did ONE run with an LS who had no idea what was going on, died 8 (wiped 7) times in Jeuno and dropped the shell.

10. How did you hear about Ultimate?

11. List any members in Ultimate you know that are willing to admit to knowing you in return
Lizdayne, Taniya, Jocie, Synne, Twikky, uhh my memory sucks.

12. What is the main reason you wish to do Dynamis?
To kill stuff!

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Cptpanic's application
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