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 Dynamis Xarcabard 11/18/2009

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PostSubject: Dynamis Xarcabard 11/18/2009   Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:07 pm

The drops were stingy, but the ones we did get were pretty awesome and we completed some relic sets for our members.

The Drops

Deulist's Chapeu - Kyokyo
Scout's Jerkin - Divinities
Wyrm Armet - Armitron
Monster Gloves - Konio

Congratulations to Kyo Div and Armi for 5/5 relic sets! (I think :p)Get your pictures taken so we can post them on the site ^^
And let me know if you want to switch your main jobs to something else.
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Dynamis Xarcabard 11/18/2009
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