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 Dynamis Points

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PostSubject: Dynamis Points   Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:23 am

While Ultimate remains a non-point based linkshell for relic gear drops, attendance is still rewarded in the form of paychecks and the ability for -1 upgrades as well as Dynamis Lord drops.

Our point system is meant to be a reward for loyal members, rather than a punishment for those who miss a lot of runs. However, it needs to be reminded, Dynamis attendance is not optional. Lotting penalites will still be enforced for unexcused missed runs. As per our last sackholder meeting, starting October 2009, these points will be affecting paycheck-bonus at the end of the month.

Ultimate Points will be rewarded as follows:

Maximum awarded points are 3 on any given run. (from "breaking glass" to "run officially over"

2 points per run (from "breaking glass" to "Mega Boss"
1 point (from "Mega Boss" to "run officially over"
.5 points will be awarded for excuse on forum or verbal (please take note this cannot be confirmed).
.5 points will be awarded for being on linkshell at the time of "Breaking Glass" even if you cannot attend the run due to not being able to enter (example, not having cop access or nortlands access).

Ultimate Points will be deducted as follows:

While we understand some real life issues would make us to affect our performance on Dynamis. 0.5 points will be deducted on extreme cases.

- entering after 30 minutes of "Breaking Glass",
- leaving 30 minutes prior to "run officially over call"
- going "afk" for more than 30 minutes without saying anything (affecting sac pulls, loss of currency, etc).

Unexcused absences will not earn any points, even if you post it later on the forum or notify any sackholder.

Linkshell Paychecks

As October 2009, we will start distributing paychecks at the end of the month based on the month's attendance, example:

- a person with 90-100% attendance will be given 100k
- a person with 73% attendance will be given 73k
- a person with 50% attendance will be given 50k
- a person with less than 25% attendance will not earn anything.

-1 Gear

Dreamlands -1 Relic gear might be upgraded by LSbank (we're setting up 1 upgrade max per 6 month mark). Additionally if any member requires to buy currency for -1 Relic upgrades, if available, it might be purchased from LSBank at discount price.

Dynamis Lord Drops

Dynamis Lord's rare/ex drops can also be purchased with Ultimate Points. We will not restrict this to any one job for the gear. Anyone is welcome to bid on DL drops and the highest bid will win. If you want a shot at these rare pieces, it would be beneficial to stay on top of your attendance.

Dynamis Lord drops will be "pre-sold" before a Xarcabard run. In the case the item you pre-bought does not drop, no points will be deducted. You will also need to re-bid against other bidders at the time of the next Dynamis Lord Xarcabard run.

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PostSubject: a note   Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:37 pm

geocities websites are dead now..... So you need a new mirror for points. try google docs
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PostSubject: Re: Dynamis Points   Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:53 am

new mirror site
thanks for the heads up, Thom
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PostSubject: Re: Dynamis Points   

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Dynamis Points
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