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 Ultimate Sponsoring

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PostSubject: Ultimate Sponsoring   Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:11 pm

Ultimate Dynamis is a shell committed to advancing all of its members with their goals in Dynamis. Unlike many of the shells you see popping up, we are not here to make a select few people rich, or to obtain multiple relic weapons for a single person. Those shells are out there, and while we do allow sponsoring, we want to express that this is not a means at riches.

Members of Ultimate interested in sponsoring runs for the purpose of unlocking stage 5 relic weapons are encouraged to talk to Vawn, Yobun or Quetzal. There will me a maximum of 4 sponsors at any given time. While those spots are full, there will be a waiting list for future sponsors. No member of Ultimate may sponsor runs if they previously sponsored to complete a relic weapon (including SHs), unless there is no one else wishing to sponsor.

Also, note that we use the term "sponsor" loosely. In Ultimate, the sponsor does not necessarily "take all". There is a maximum of 200 singles and 1 100 per run that the sponsor may claim.

How Do I Join the Waiting List to Sponsor?

You may be considered to join the waiting list for sponsoring under the following conditions:

  • You are currently in the process of upgrading a relic weapon.
  • You have the means to aquire the neccessary funds to sponsor runs (500,000g at most once every two weeks)
  • You have not previously sponsored runs with Ultimate to upgrade a weapon

Why Limit the Amount of Currency Sponsors Recieve?

Hourglasses cost 500,000g. A single 100 piece costs anywhere from 700,000 to 1,500,000. Quite frankly, one sponsor walking out of a Dynamis run with more than 200 to 300 pieces is unfair for the rest of the members. On the occassions that multiple 100 pieces drop or more than 200 singles drop, we believe that profit should be shared amongst all the linkshell members that helped make it happen.

Why Allow Sponsors At All?

Completed relic weapons are a major accomplishment in FFXI (and that is definitly an understatement). Even with sponsoring runs and buying coins at market price, it could take members well over a year to complete. We believe that anyone with the guts to undertake this task deserves some help.

In addition, members with completed relic weapons helps out Ultimate as a whole. Besides the obvious benefit of adding more damage to our frontlines, it looks good on all of us to have members with relic weapons they completed while in Ultimate.

How Do We Ensure the Sponsors Are Legit?

Each sponsor is required to post the progression on their weapon. After sponsoring a run, it is expected the sponsor will update their current currency information within 48 hours. This information is posted under "Relic Information" on this site.

Current Sponsors
Vawn - Stage 4 Great Katana
Lustt - Stage 4 Katana
Jocie - Stage 3 Dagger
Divinities - Stage 2 Dagger

Please refer to the Relic Information page for more information how far along the current sponsor are.

Current Sponsor Waiting List
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Ultimate Sponsoring
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