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 Dynamis Xarcabard 08/12/2009

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PostSubject: Dynamis Xarcabard 08/12/2009   Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:33 pm

We pretty much low manned the zone and did pretty awesome. We got some awesome drops for our members, and a 100 piece. We made it all the way to the Dragon crossbacks so a Dynamis Lord fight for us is definitly in our forseeable future! Now onto the drops:

Relic Drops

Monster Gloves - Darknesss
Summoner's horn - Kurpse
Cleric's Mitts - Quetzal
Etoile Casaque - Cassey
Mirrage Keffiyeh - Kitrah
Assassin's Armlets - Jocie Our Newest TH4!
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Dynamis Xarcabard 08/12/2009
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