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 Dynamis Beaucidine 08/04/2009

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PostSubject: Dynamis Beaucidine 08/04/2009   Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:12 am

Another quality win for us tonight. Mega Boss was fun and excitment but what else do you want. Ill just say that learning occured tonight on the Mega Boss Dragon Pull. Thank you to the Tanks: Synne, Yobun, Thom and the healers who kept you alive on the straggler dragon, while the rest of us killed the MB and got the ???

Congratulations to the Relic winners and the newest Dynamis-Beaucidine Interlopers!

Now onto the drops!

Cleric's Briault (1) - Neosonic
Cleric's Briault (2) - Madenhevn
Mirage Jubbah - Synne
Pantin Tobe - Whmsmn
Koga Chainmail (1) - Brisies
Koga Chainmail (2) - Whmsmn
Commodore Frac - Darknesss
Deulist's Tabard - Redwolfe

Congratulations Everyone and See you Saturday!
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Dynamis Beaucidine 08/04/2009
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